Bring back the audio alert and more noticeable icon when a teammate is crippled.

Discussion in 'Borderlands 3 Co-op' started by Dragonwolfe, Sep 26, 2022.

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    All the other Borderlands games, it is a lot more apparent when a co-op teammate is crippled/ downed. I have seen tons of posts on social media about this issue, so I was really surprised to not see anything here on the forums. In BL3 the icon on screen is tiny and there is no longer an audio sound indicating when someone needs to be revived. Unless their character is directly in front of me when they get downed, I don't even notice until it's too late or they are already running back from respawn.

    I have been a solo player for all the Borderlands games for a long time, but recently started playing co-op with a good friend that I got into the franchise. We have played through Wonderlands, BL2, then BL1, then BLTPS, and now we are on BL3. In none of the other games have either of us had any problems with noticing that the other has been downed and is in need of a revive. BL3 on the other hand it is happening constantly.

    It happened last night several times in the Handsome Jacks Casino DLC and my friend got so upset he rage quit. The last time I saw him rage quit a game was World of Warcraft, because a max level character spawn camped him for about 10 min. In 7 years since he rage quit, he has never once logged back into WoW. I just hope that isn't the case here.

    Please for the love of co-op play, fix this issue and add the features for a downed teammate to BL3 like you have them in every other Borderlands game. Audio notification, a larger icon at their health bar, and a directional indicator on screen showing when a teammate needs help. Especially since BL3 is the only one that does not have a team revive skill on a support character that BL1, BL2, and BLTPS has. Even Wonderlands has a spell that can be used, by any class, to revive downed players. BL3 has Flak's Lick the Wounds so Flak's pet can revive Flak only. Making this team wide would also help to even the playing field, or even Zane's Barrier could, like Roland's turret in BL1. Amara's phase grasp would be another perfect skill to add a player revive to.

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